Update Automated

Less is more.  Never before have those words meant so much.  In today’s ultra fast world where we’re seemingly bombarded every second with one distraction after another it’s more important than ever to use the digital advancements at our disposal to simplify our lives.

     Think about how smart phones have brought all vital information to our finger tips.  Consider how Smart TVs now let us stream HD video straight to our displays without having to shell out hundreds of dollars a month to our “favourite” cable and satellite providers.  Cars now tell us how to get places and even how to park once we arrive at our destination.  The digital era has literally touched every part of our lives and we can not deny we’ve become the beneficiary as a result.

It is with this acknowledgement that Update TV and Stereo decided to make the commitment to bring thisIMG_7568 level of convenience to our customers’ homes.  Adding to their polished reputation in TV, Home Theatre and Hi-Fi Audio expertise, the Update Team elected to partner with Home Automation cornerstone, Control4, to add yet another category of Home AV to their already impressive repertoire.

Update is now recognized as a Gold Level Control4 dealer and certified installer.  They are designing and installing automation systems on a weekly basis for homes all across the GTA.  Visit your local Update TV and Stereo to find out how to become Update Automated today!!!    IMG_7578


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